About Us


A place to share ideas, advice, products, and services about living a clean lifestyle. A site where the information posted by our members regarding living a clean lifestyle is as close to as Mother Nature intended (clean) and likeable (taste/effectiveness). Where our member rate each post as clean and likeable, and through the collective opinion of our members, provide the best options on living a clean lifestyle and eliminating the time and money experienced through trial and error.

Collectively, Clean Living Network will continuously strive to influence all stakeholders to make this clean lifestyle more accessible and achievable.

Core Values

Clean: As close to Mother Nature intended.
Value: Best product or service at the best possible price in the market.
Synergy: People living clean… Helping people live clean.
Evolution: Change the world by making living a clean lifestyle more accessible and achievable.
Underlining Theme: Respect for all members within the network.


Clean Living Network, through its synergy, wants all stakeholders of clean living to benefit.

The 4 WIN's of CLN

Members WIN: Educate, eliminate the time and money wasted through trial and error, participate in the information provided, and access to offers to save money.

Vendors WIN: Increase exposure, sales, and volume.

Retailer/Service Provider WIN: Increase sales and volume by providing a clear understanding of who your customers are and what products they are purchasing or services they are using, so as to meet those needs and stay competitive.

Advocates WIN: Increasing exposure and traffic to websites, increase sales of literature and documentaries, and ultimately create more interest.

What is Clean

Food: As close to Mother Nature intended, with no preservatives, toxins, carcinogens, artificial ingredients, no ingredients that are general (spices or natural flavours), or ingredients that have lost their nutritional value during production, etc. We want the information on the site to be trusted by the public, to be transparent and only provide clean products that are safe for consumption and/or if applied to the skin and will not cause any harmful side effects. And due to these clean ingredients, the products do not harm the environment

Other Products: Fulfills its intended purpose without contributing to or having other harmful side effects. If the product is a one-time use or disposed of after certain amount of uses, that these products are eco-friendly.

Services: Health services that provide a holistic approach to resolving issues with mind, body, spirit.

Information: These are books, articles, newsletters, magazines, recipes, etc, that promote and make living a clean lifestyle more achievable.

Help spread the word

Like us on Facebook, tweet about us, use other forms of social media and word of mouth to spread the word to other like-minded people living this lifestyle. We want to grow organically, through grass-roots initiatives to help every stakeholder who have chosen to live this lifestyle.