Once you unsheathe the wrapper from Giddy YoYo’s boxed package, you would be excused for reminiscing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Instead of the golden ticket, you get an inviting silver foil, very tightly sealed.  There’s no Giddy YoYo version of Willy Wonka, but this bar is worth the search.

The surrounding box is like the cereal package of your youth, offering tempting advice like “Our personal favorite breakfast; a chocolate bar and chaga tea…for real.”  They adamantly promote the fact that their chocolate is not like the sugar laced varieties we associate with junk food, claiming “Food, Not Candy.”  Fair-trade, nutrient dense, no chemicals added and 100% raw, you could do worse for brekkie. 

Even if you decide to keep it as a snack, you won’t be disappointed. Rich and smooth, there isn’t the bitterness associated with very dark chocolate (we even tried 82% and can vouch for that). The cocoa is only wild Ecuadorian heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao. Some flavours add additional superfoods to the raw cacao nibs like Incan spirulina and lucuma. We went giddy over the vanilla bean and salt for the ideal sweet and salty combination. They even have a “transition” bar called “Sweet” that helps you to get used to the reduced sugar.

A great way end to a dinner party is a bowl of berries and some Giddy YoYo for guests to break off and enjoy.  Expect no talk of “health food” and for the bars to be gobbled down as if they were naughty desserts. 

Taste does trump when it comes to chocolate, and Giddy YoYo delivers. Must be thanks to the first ingredient in all of their chocolate recipes:  “Love and Gratitude.” 

Right back at ya Giddy Yo Yo.

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