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Since leaving the corporate world and opening my own health-based company, I've made such changes and leaps in my lifestyle and wellness, that at 34 I feel more vibrant and alive than I ever did in my whole life. Recently someone asked me what it was that I did, what diet I was following. It was interesting because many people today assume that because you look great and feel great you must be on some sort of diet.

Well, if anyone knows me at all, they know I do not believe in diets. In fact, I believe diets do not work for everyone as there is always something missing. Whether you take away carbs or you take away fat or protein, at some point or another many people end up either with uncontrollable cravings or putting on more weight that they lost to begin with. So what are we to do then?

The secret, my friends, is not about what you TAKE OUT but rather about what you ADD INTO your foods. It's about learning how to eat clean, how to listen to your body and how to give it what it needs for its own optimum nutrition. The secret is to turn every food into a superfood and today you will learn exactly how to do that!

You see, eating in a healthy way is not always about cutting out fat or protein or carbs. It is about how we source, prepare and consume those carbs, proteins and fats in a way that maximizes our nutrition and gets us closer to optimum health. To get us there we must first ask a few key questions:

1. Where does my food come from? Was it grown in a plant or on a plant?

2. How was it grown/raised? Was the salad grown with natural/organic fertilizers in nutrient dense soil or was it sprayed with chemicals and picked before reaching ripeness?

3. How do I prepare it in a healthy/clean way that maintains most or all of its nutrients? Should you cook it or eat it raw? Should you bake it or steam it? What condiments should you use and how?

4. How and when do I eat it so that it allows my body to absorb most or all of its nutrients? Should you eat protein and carbs together or separate? Should you eat heavy foods in the morning or at lunch?

Answering all these questions will help you be well on your way to buying, cooking and digesting foods in a way that best supports you. What I believe is that almost any food/recipe can be transformed into a real SUPERFOOD, a powerhouse of nutrition by following a few simple principles. Here is a great example of how a typical meal can be changed from a basic recipe to the most amazing and health supporting food. It is based on one of my client's favourite recipes, "Marinated baked fish with quinoa and salad." You'd think this is a pretty healthy recipe already, but that may not be the case...

1. Buy fish that is as free of toxins as possible; wild fresh water fish is a much better choice then sea water or farm raised fish.

2. Know where you buy from and research your supplier to ensure you buy the best quality fish. Stay away from big chain grocery stores and go local

3. Use organic and wholesome ingredients, buying local whenever possible

4. Since the fish will be baked, it is important to use good oils that have a high smoking point such as organic coconut oil. Using olive oil or other plant based oils, may cause them to burn and turn into toxic compounds

5. Turn your marinade into a power house of nutrition by including: organic coconut oil, garlic, sulfite-free grainy mustard, some raw unpasteurized honey, Himalayan or Celtic sea salt, fresh tarragon or basil/mint combination.

6. Tips for best quinoa: rinse well to remove the bitter coating and add some kombu to the water during the cooking process to speed cooking time, improve digestion and increase nutrition. Kombu is known for reducing blood cholesterol and hypertension. It is high in iodine, which is essential for thyroid functioning; iron, which helps carry oxygen to the cells; calcium, which builds bones and teeth; as well as vitamins A and C, which support eyes and immunity.

7. Turn the quinoa into a powerhouse of nutrition but adding garlic, fresh lemon juice and fresh herbs

8. For the salad, buy fresh organic greens and sprouts and add a variety of other vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, radishes, green onions etc. Turn this as well into a superfood by adding goji berries, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and a home made dressing based on good fats such as avocado oil or flax seed oil. These are great fats high in Omega 3, which will help boost your brainpower and lower bad cholesterol.

9. Last but not least, it is time for plating. Ensure your plate is made up of 75% raw salad. The rest will be made up of half fish and half quinoa. This will allow the body to maintain an optimum PH level. Having too much protein or starch can make your body acidic and open the door for all sorts of problems.

10. This meal is best eaten at lunchtime when our digestive fire is at its best. If eaten later in the day, ensure you eat at least 4 hours before going to bed so your digestive system has enough time to break down the heavier proteins.

Enjoy your newly created superfood meal!

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