Aimers Organic Seed - Arugula (Organic)


By: Aimers Organic
Aimers Organic Seed - Arugula (Organic)

A spicy strong tasting spinach-like salad green with delicious nutty flavour. Very popular in salads or cooked like spinach. Quick growth and cooler weather are best for this plant. Plants can grow to about a metre tall (3').

Product Code 4000
How To Grow 540 seed/gram Plant in rows, patches or containers. Sow seed directly outside after the danger of frost has passed for the season. Try sowing bi-weekly for a continuous supply throughout the summer and early autumn.
Life Cycle Annual
Propagation Sow Direct
Days to Emergence 7 to 10
Light Full Sun
Growth Habit Bushy
Height Tall (> 70 cm)
Frost Tolerance Frost Tender
Degree of Difficulty Easy
Heritage Heirloom
Length of Row Packet 3m (10 feet).
Organic Status

Certified Organic

Available at:

  1. Nature's Emporium

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