Aires Tech Aires Shield Extreme


By: Armando Scarlato
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Aires Tech Aires Shield Extreme

Aires Shield Extreme is a silicon based micro processor that neutralizes harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It contains a next generation Aires microprocessor and an improved resonator antenna. It removes the dangerous anomalies created by the electromagnetic fields.

How it works

First, an electromagnetic impulse from an electronic device is registered by the resonator antenna. As soon as the charge has accumulated it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor. Next, a surface wave is created. Further, the microprocessor’s slitted matrix generates a hologram that is a three-dimensional structure with a regularly alternating maxima and minima of field intensity. Finally, the resulting hologram interacts with external radiation, changes it (via the direct and reverse Fourier transform), harmonizing it with the body’s radiation, thus preventing conflict between external radiation and the radiation from the body’s cells.

Available at:

  1. Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe

  2. The Root of Health

  3. The Big Carrot

  4. Sunleit Integrative Health Centre

  5. Our Wellness Toronto

  6. Nguistyle Integrative Medicine Clinic and Qigong Studio

  7. New Life Chiropractic

  8. Nature's Source

  9. Nature's Emporium

  10. Natural Life Health Market

  11. King City Natural Health Centre

  12. Healthy Planet

  13. Health Service Centre

  14. Better Living

  15. Ambrosia Natural Foods

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