Asana Biowave Ultra Absorbent Nighttime (Super Wings) 360mm ("8) 10/pack


By: Asana Advanced Feminine Protection
Asana Biowave Ultra Absorbent Nighttime (Super Wings) 360mm (

Asana’s Nighttime Sanitary Napkin comes in three sizes format. Nighttime regular 330mm, Nighttime Super 360mm and Nighttime Super+ 420mm. With these super absorbent ultra thin napkins you will dryer, fresher and freer.


FABRICATION- The most technologically advanced fabrication process using non-chloride paper pulp that is biodegradable. Non-chloride paper pulp offers high absorbency while keeping moisture away from the top layer

PATENTED BIOWAVE TECHNOLOGY- The major active components of the Biowave Advantage Layer consists of the antibacterial benefits of  Nano Silver & health promoting properties of Tourmaline.  The Biowave advantage naturally eliminates 99.9% of the most commonly occurring odour-causing bacteria.

PATENTED WATER LEADING LAYER- Advanced technology locks the fluid beneath the first layer leaving the wearer feeling dry & comfortable while absorbing 2 times more fluid

Classified by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical device

Available at:

  1. Nature's Emporium

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