Asana Ultra Sanitary Napkin Liner ("16) 30/pack


By: Asana Advanced Feminine Protection
Asana Ultra Sanitary Napkin Liner (

Asana’s Pantiliner with cotton cover offers soft protection for women in between periods, or at the beginning or end of their period. The Asana Pantiliner absorbs any natural discharge or minor flow and provides effective backup protection when using a tampon. Asana’s Liner can naturally prevent bacteria and yeast infections that causes odour leaving you feel dryer, fresher and freer.

"FABRICATION- The most technologically advanced fabrication process using non-chloride paper pulp that is biodegradable. Non-chloride paper pulp offers high absorbency while keeping moisture away from the top layer

PATENTED BIOWAVE TECHNOLOGY-The major active components of the Biowave Advantage Layer consists of the antibacterial benefits of  Nano Silver & health promoting properties of Tourmaline.  The Biowave advantage naturally eliminates 99.9% of the most commonly occurring odour-causing bacteria.

PATENTED WATER LEADING LAYER- Advanced technology locks the fluid beneath the first layer leaving the wearer feeling dry & comfortable while absorbing 2 times more fluid

Classified by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical device

Available at:

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