AspenClean Glass Microfiber Cloth


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AspenClean Glass Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloths
 The Purest Clean You Can Get!

Use AspenClean Microfiber Cloths together with our natural cleaners to keep your home clean, green and your family healthy.

How does microfiber work? Using friction, static energy and capillary effects, microfiber will trap and remove dust, dirt, oils and bacteria. Learn more about microfiber here.

AspenClean microfiber cloths are specifically designed for use with natural cleaning products. It's easy to clean the AspenClean Way using our matching color-coded system!

Available at:

  1. 4 Life Natural Foods

  2. Ambrosia Natural Foods

  3. AspenClean

  4. Beaches Natural Foods

  5. Essence of Life Natural Food

  6. Evergreen Natural Foods

  7. Fiddleheads Health & Nutrition

  8. Herbs & Nutrition

  9. Local Organics

  10. Market Organics

  11. Nature's Emporium

  12. Noah's Natural Foods

  13. Pandora's Pantry

  14. Rainbow Natural Foods

  15. Stoney Lake Wellness

  16. Sweetgreens

  17. Terra20

  18. The Big Carrot

  19. The Gentle Rain Natural Health Food Store

  20. The Great Vine

  21. The Healthy Road

  22. The Organic Garage

  23. Vert Living Natural Market

  24. Well! Well! Well! Nutrition Centre

  25. Whole Foods Market, Inc.

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