Christine Chanter Botanicals Beard Oil


By: Christine Chanter Botanicals
Christine Chanter Botanicals Beard Oil

Well heck, you don't have to have a beard..could be just hefty sideburns! Or you've got a clean shaven mug and just want to smell so darn good. Just the right amount of fresh air and wild scent, to nourish that gorgeous mug (and the ends of your whiskers). Think fresh vibrant lime with crushed woodsy cedar and a dollop of black pepper's spicy earth tone. Nary a pesticide came near these plants, nary an animal was compromised. Comes in an Italian glass bottle with a roller top for easy application from palm to skin and scruff.

Ingredients: lime, Atlantic cedar, French cedar, black pepper, vetiver, rosewood, bay rum, benzoin essential oils of authentic and genuine grade in organic golden jojoba oil. 

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted, organic, vegan and consciously sourced.

30 ml

Available at:

  1. The Health Hut

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