Christine Chanter Botanicals Lhasa Parfum


By: Christine Chanter Botanicals
Christine Chanter Botanicals Lhasa Parfum

Warm / Provocative / Untamed

What we’re made of, when we strip it all away – love – spicy, soft, resilient, fresh, exciting; in our favourite place.  

Seemed fitting to rename Parfum 8, the most spiritual city name given that the 8th chakra hovers above the head.  Lhasa in Tibet, closest city to the clouds.

mandarin, tangerine, ylang ylang, patchouli, ginger, cardamom, neroli (orange blossom)

- a proprietary blend of genuinely distilled authentic essential oils in organic jojoba. Italian glass bottle with roll on applicator.  Please note:  your blend may need a shake due to settling.  Nature is interactive :)

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted, organic, vegan and consciously sourced.

size: 9 ml

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