Christine Chanter Botanicals Sofia Parfum


By: Christine Chanter Botanicals
Christine Chanter Botanicals Sofia Parfum

Romantic / Melodic / Luminous

The softest veils of ‘sweet yet not’ rosy floral, compels the far reaching spice vapours of sandalwood to the inner heart chamber of a celestial bound bowl of incense...

Previously known as Parfum 4

Parfum 4 now known as Sofia is named after the capital of Bulgaria, the country where the finest rose oil heralds from.  I bought my first bottle there in the 1970s, my first essential oil.  I was 18.

Ingredients: sandalwood, rose absolute, rose geranium, rosewood

..a proprietary blend of genuinely distilled authentic essential oils in organic jojoba. Italian glass bottle with roll on applicator.

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted, organic, vegan and consciously sourced.

size: 9 ml

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