Christine Chanter Botanicals Verona Parfum


By: Christine Chanter Botanicals
Christine Chanter Botanicals Verona Parfum

Radiant / Enlightening / Graceful

Warm, round blood orange, where the peeled sparkling fruit cuts a swath through hypnotic jasmine, inspiring depth to its sumptuous amber shadowed note.  

Italy is a scrumptious juicy citrus bite of delight and provides the world with a myriad of essential oils.  Verona evokes just that.

Previously known as Parfum 7.  This chakra is the crown where our physical self connects to the gods.

blood orange, sweet orange, jasmine absolute, myrrh

(a proprietary blend of genuinely distilled authentic essential oils in organic jojoba. Italian glass bottle with roll on applicator) You might notice the jasmine is hanging out at the bottom of the bottle, after a while..not to worry, just shake and roll.  Plant oils need you to engage on occasion :)

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted/organic, vegan and consciously sourced.

size: 9 ml

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