Ecoideas® Raw Organic Coconut Oil 445ml


By: Eco Ideas
Ecoideas® Raw Organic Coconut Oil 445ml

Ecoideas Coconut Oil is in its purest and most beneficial state: Raw. We begin with Certified Organic coconuts that are cold-pressed, using a centrifuge to extract the oil – a completely chemical-free process. Our oil is never heated above 45°C to preserve its high lauric acid and medium chain fatty acid content. Many coconut oils on the market are damaged by processes like heat, chemical distilling, bleaching and deodorizing. Ecoideas does not use any of these refining processes, as they compromise the oil’s active properties. We offer you superior coconut oil that is unrefined, virgin, and raw. The result is a fresh, pure coconut oil with maximum health benefits – coconut oil as it is meant to be!

• Raw
• Certified Organic
• Kosher
• Virgin (Unrefined)
• Non-deodorized
• Unbleached
• Cold-Pressed
• Unhydrogenated
• Non-GMO
• BPA free containers
• Guaranteed long shelf life
• Supports ‘Disabled Friendly Foundation’

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