Go Raw Sweet Spirulina Bites

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By: Go Raw
Go Raw Sweet Spirulina Bites

No added sugar, oils, flour or animal products of any kind—Bites are the snack we can all feel good about! These little bites manage to satisfy the cravings of all ages, and there’s a good chance that these snacks are highly addictive…in a very good-for-you way! 

Want to get more spirulina in your life? Here’s the perfect excuse: Spirulina Super Chips. They may be green, but they’re big on banana flavor and raw goodness. They’re so good, we recommend that you buy more than one bag—we’ve heard that they disappear very quickly!


Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds,
 Organic Banana,
 Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), 
Organic Dates,
 Organic Spirulina

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