Adjust-a-Bowl. Sustain-a-bowl. Wash-a-bowl. There’s a lot to like about our cork fabric bowls designed to adjust to fit its cargo. It is the ultimate “hold everything” bowl that’s always the right size. Use it to showcase fruits, bread, soaps and toiletries, or anything else you want to display.

Shape it, fold it, or even roll its edges to modify its size for whatever you put in it. Made with our silky, durable cork fabric, this bowl will get even softer and more pliable over time.

Washable – Need to clean it? Just toss it in the washing machine. Cork is remarkably sanitary. It’s anti-microbial, as well as water- and stain-resistant.

  • Clean bowl in washing machine (not dishwasher). Or hand wash and wipe dry.
  • Revive cork with all-natural cream or oil. For best results, use bambu Bamboo Goo.


We have a thing for bowls. You can probably tell by our product range. We went 'soft' with this product. We spent a year researching and developing our cork fabric bowls. These bowls could also be considered baskets...which is another product we love. Our AdjustABowl cork fabric bowls are an extension of our compressed cork bowls. But more versatile, like a good piece of clothing. We have chucked ours in the washing machine over and over, and it still stands up. We love this material and have developed a lot of other cool products using this. Check out our office, and on the go products. We use them all...and love them. And, we had fun coming up with the name, and it's description too!