Like a great painting deserves a great frame, your glassware and mugs deserve a fine coaster. These include a motif that is hand burnished into each coaster.

Made of sustainably harvested bamboo, these coasters feature beautiful vertical grain and an elegant finish.

3 3/4"

  • Smooth base won’t scratch furniture
  • Hand finished with food-safe natural oil
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water
  • We recommend Bamboo Goo to keep your bamboo beautiful for years.
  • Item #019811

Our 'Bee motif' bamboo coasters are an elegant way to show your love for bees. 

Whether you are entertaining or enjoying your favorite hot or cold drink, our hand burned bamboo coasters will keep your surfaces ring and spot free for years. 
bambu supports the work of the Honeybee Research Lab at Oregon State University. You can too through the purchase of our 'bee themed' products. 


We have an affection towards bees. Their value to our food chain cannot be underestimated. And we want to support healthy eco-systems. 

Honeybee Lab Research works to promote safe and healthy environments for honeybees. Honeybees are critical to our food sources and a vital part of our healthy eco-systems.

Our donations help fund their on-going research to help the bees.