The Cutting Edge series is among our most popular cutting board designs. These boards are designed to perform and made to last. We use the same board design to introduce our Honeycomb pattern. This fashionable motif looks elegant on our board which doubles easily as a serving board. The honeycomb motif is hand burned. If you have a love for bees, like we do, you'll want to get this...or gift this board.

bambu supports the work of the Honeybee Research Lab at Oregon State University. (check out the story here.) See more of our bee themed products

11" L x 8" W x 5/8" H

Item #027911


The team that hand produces our boards are organized as a collective and have a voice in setting price and compensation. Each of our boards is hand shaped and finished with natural, food-safe oil.

We have an affection towards bees. Their value to our food chain cannot be underestimated. And we want to support healthy eco-systems.  

Honeybee Lab Research works to promote safe and healthy environments for honeybees. Honeybees are critical to our food sources and a vital part of our healthy eco-systems. 

Our donations help fund their on-going research to help the bees.