We’ve decide to put our philosophy into 4 simply points for your benefit.

#1: Human and Animal Life Is Precious

“Go Vegan. Stop Cruelty.”

We believe in the value that animals and humans provide to planet earth. We believe that animals in today’s world experience unspeakable cruelty which could be avoided if people would only change their diets, and demand better from manufacturers. We believe a VEGAN or RAW VEGAN diet is one which is the simplest path to a cruelty free lifestyle for animals and ultimate for other human beings.

2: Non-Vegan Humans Are Still Our Friends

“Stop Hate. Show Love”We recognise that not everyone is open immediately to the vegetarian, vegan, or raw vegan lifestyle. At some point in our life we were at that point as well. Thus, we are still friendly, caring, and maintain open dialogue with those who may not be following the diet but are at least willing to have open dialogue.

3: World Peace, Sustainable Communities Are Possible

“Stop Selfishness. Get Educated.”

We believe that a culture of selfishness and greed as fostered in the 80’s is no longer applicable to this century. We believe that education about health and wellness, eco-friendly options, sustainability, and better human relations, will be what heals societies of the emotional and physical burdens and ultimately lead to peaceful communities and a better world.

#4: Socially Responsible Businesses Are A Reality

“Buy Social Responsibility.”

Consumers “vote” by where they place their spending dollars. Would anyone knowingly buy war, conflict, cruelty, and oppression? No. Thus every consumer has the right to spend their dollars to support companies that are run by people who care about the planet. We are happy to have such companies advertise within our pages and we encourage consumers to support them.

#5: Good Health Is Your Birthright

“Your Birthright is Health. Hope.”

We believe that man’s purpose on this planet is to enjoy the beauty and splendor of our world in good health. We believe that many lifestyle diseases can be reversed by… changing your lifestyle. Hope is fundamental to overcoming disease. Never let anyone steal your hope.