Go Raw took a healthy, crisp and delicious salad and put it in a bowl for snacking on the go. And guess what? It stays crunchy! How do they do it? With their specially built dehydrators that always keeps the ingredients at the optimal temperature to dry them, but keep them raw and full of nutrition. There are three varieties of Salad Snax to choose from, all with the most popular dressing flavors.

There’s a reason Thousand Island dressing is so popular—there’s just nothing like its tangy taste! Go Raw has transformed salad into crunchy chips covered in the delicious flavors of this dressing, and kept it organic, nut-free and vegan.


Organic Kale,
 Organic Red Cabbage,
 Organic Carrots,
 Organic Spinach,
 Sprouted Organic Watermelon Seeds,
 Sprouted Organic Sunflower Seeds,
 Organic Dates,
 Organic Tomato Powder,
 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Red Bell Pepper,
 Organic Garlic Powder,
 Organic Onion Powder,
 Celtic Sea Salt