Oregano is a powerful antioxidant derived from the oregano herb. Oil of Oregano has been used traditionally for a wide range of ailments, including colds and flus, indigestion, dental cavities, respiratory disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and urinary tract infections. It is currently being studied by for its antimicrobial properties ranging from antiviral, antibacterial to antiparasitic. Carvacrol is a constituent found naturally in oregano oil and has been shown through research to give Oil of Oregano its potent antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristic. 

  • Potent antioxidant to combat free radicals
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Helps fight off infections, such as colds and flus
  • Superior quality oregano oil – cold-pressed from wildcrafted oregano grown from mountains of the Mediterranean
  • A high content of 75 – 80% carvacrol 
  • Suspended in medium chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut and palm oil (a preferred choice for an oil base vs olive oil as MCT oil from coconut and palm does not change its molecular structure or go rancid from light, heat or over time) 
  • Packs a punch with a hint of natural orange flavour added
  • Easy to use dropper
Medicinal Ingredients


  • Each ml contains

    1 part wildcrafted oil of oregano (Oreganum vulgare), consisting of a minimum of 75% carvacrol.

    Non Medicinal Ingredients

    3 parts medium chain triglycerides and natural orange flavour.

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