Eco Organic Spa


By: Franco Noce
Eco Organic Spa

Contact Info

Eco Organic Spa

135 Sixth Street
Etobicoke, ON, Canada
M8V 3A6

Phone: +1 (647) 219-7739

Hours of Operation

Monday By Appointment
Tuesday By Appointment
Wednesday By Appointment
Thursday By Appointment
Friday By Appointment
Saturday By Appointment
Sunday By Appointment

About Eco Organic Spa

Eco Organic Spa is the 1st certified Green Spa in Etobicoke

and the #1 Spa in Toronto for Water Waxing

Health and the Environment are so important to our family and our friends, that is why we offer:

• Eminence Organic Skin Care That Uses Sustainable Farming and Green Practices To Create Organic and Biodynamic Products 
• Help To Save The Planet With Forests For The Future, Buy A Product and Plant A Tree, The Best Part Is We'll Plant It For You 
• A Relaxing Private Environment And Certified Green Spa For Registered Natural Health Care and Organic Spa Therapy 
• Natural Air Purifiers Like Waterfalls, Salt Crystal Lamps, Beeswax Candles, Aromatherapy Diffusers, Crystals And Plants 
• Healthy Refreshments Like Organic Seasonal Fruit Infused Waters and Therapeutic Tisane and Herbal Teas 
• Bio-Degradable, Less Painful, Always Fresh And So Natural You Can Eat It Water Waxing Hair Removal 
• Non-Toxic Manicures And Pedicures With A Rainbow Of Long Lasting Vegan Friendly Zoya Nail Polish 
• Use Of Eco-Friendly Slippers, Sterilizers, Linen Services, Reusable Glass Files And Stainless Steel Tools 
• 100% Recycled Paper Business Cards, Spa Menus, Gift Cards And Use Of Vegetable Ink Pens

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