Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat


By: Franco Noce
Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat

Contact Info

Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat

658 Wellmans Road RR#3
Stirling, ON, Canada
K0K 3E0

Phone: +1 (613) 395-6332

Hours of Operation

Monday By Appointment
Tuesday By Appointment
Wednesday By Appointment
Thursday By Appointment
Friday By Appointment
Saturday By Appointment
Sunday By Appointment

About Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat

Here at Nonpareil we recognize that everyone is unique. We will work with you and teach you how to
access your inner wisdom, how to listen to your unique needs and how to honour those needs. We will
teach you how to love and nurture your body so that you can live with more vitality.

We listen carefully to your life story and experiences with empathy and compassion, so that we can
connect with you and your life experience in a deep and profound way. This enables us to some degree
feel and experience what you felt. Only by being in that experience with you can we then guide you
along the path to optimal health for body, mind and soul.

We will give you a fitness program for your body, mind and soul.

We will take your health to new heights by going to the core of your being.

Here at Nonpareil you will be nourished on all levels.

  • Our powerful detoxing organic juices will nourish you at a molecular/cellular level.
  • Our emotional energy healing will bring clarity to your mind.
  • A healthy body and an unburdened mind free of emotional entanglement will allow your soul to soar free.
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